SpiceJet Flight Booking to Become Even Cheaper

SpiceJet, the second largest carrier of the country, is also one of the providers of economical fares. Owned by the Sun Group, it has been serving Indian as well as international destinations since 2005 and 2010, respectively. Currently, more than 300 daily flights are operated by the carrier with a fleet size of over 35 aircraft. It includes highly-efficient models manufactured by Boeing and Airbus that carry millions of passengers every year. The cost of SpiceJet flight booking may drop down even further in the coming months. As per reports, this Sun Group-owned airline is already working on the new pricing strategy. Experts are of opinion that the market trend may change as a result of the demand and supply fluctuations.

The Indian no-frill carriers are operating at razor thin profits, and further decrease in air fare on their end may result in even lower revenues. However, to meet challenges posed by new airlines like AirAsia and soon to be launched Vistara, existing ones like GoAir, IndiGo and SpiceJet may introduce new pricing schemes. Not only LCCs, but full-fledged carriers like Air India and Jet Airways will also be affected as the Tata-Singapore Airlines venture – Vistara – is promising top-notch services. In addition to this, the leading airline of the country, IndiGo will also add new destinations and capacity in its booking option list as soon as new models start arriving. It ordered around 180 aircraft back in 2011, which is one of the biggest orders placed by an airline in the industry.

As per several reports, the demand for air travel is expected to rise that could have lead to rise in the flight ticket prices, but new flying options may push the pricing graph down. In addition to this, schemes and discounts may also be offered by these new entrants to allure fliers, as it is a trend in the aviation industry. Hence, the coming year is looking even better for corporate and leisure travellers. The industry is expecting a sharp jump in the daily Mumbai Chennai, Pune Bangalore and Delhi Ahmedabad flights routes.


Flight Status of Various Service Providers

IndiGo – the leading carrier of the country – has emerged as the most preferred one among fliers also in a recent survey. Unparalleled services, increase in capacity and on-time IndiGo flight status along with a number of other factors contributed to this result. Jet airways, the full-fledged carrier, stood at the second spot for its top-notch onboard services, breaking the myth that the price is primary element while booking the ticket. It seems that travellers look for the overall package, and the one giving maximum value for money are selected. This is the third year in a row that IndiGo has left behind its competitors in this regard.


Apart from this, the mobile application of this company has been downloaded maximum number of times. Travellers trust on the flight status operated by this carrier that is on time most of the times and they found it the safest also. Surprisingly, AirAsia emerged as the next most promising service provider as around 73 per cent of total respondents wanted to fly with it. SpiceJet, Air India and GoAir flight status received average rating and most of the responses were positive. As far as international airlines are considered, Emirates was the choice of people for its best-in class services. This survey also focused on the preferences of fliers regarding check-in or booking.


Most of them preferred online ticket booking because of the high degree of convenience. While making online reservations, people can compare deals offered by other carriers. The research time is unlimited in this case, which in turn helps in making a rational decision. In addition, majority of respondents said that seat preference is important for them. De-bundling of services increases the flexibility, but many opted for bundles services as it provides higher value for money. Air travel is a modern mode of transportation and high degree of involvement of technology is quite obvious while air travel. It is increasing day by day, and around 85 per cent of the fliers always or sometimes go for web check-in to accelerate the process of boarding. In addition to this, around 40 per cent of travellers have an airline application in their mobile phones or tablets.

Booking Flights to Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh, situated in the Deccan Plateau. It is one of the largest cities of the country, and is known as the city of Nizams as it was ruled by them for a long period. This place is lined up with beautiful monuments showcasing the architecture style of Mughals, and is visited by thousands of travellers every year. They can easily reach here by boarding flights to Hyderabad, available from almost every city of the country as well as popular cities of the world. Major airlines like Jet Airways, Air India, SpiceJet and AirAsia serve on this route, connecting it to northern, eastern and western states. Many airlines offer direct while some offer connecting flights, but the overall journey time ranges between two to six hours. As far as foreign cities are concerned, most global operators serve till Delhi or Mumbai and a connecting flight to Hyderabad is included in the journey. The travel duration varies with destinations or number of halts.

Travelling from the Capital to City of Nizams

flights to hyderabad

Tourists who want to visit places like Charminar, Hussain Sagar, Ramoji Film City or Jama Masjid can opt for any of 120 flight ticket booking options available between Delhi and this city. Apart from these old monuments, this place is also known for Deccan Festival, falling in the last week of February. This city is a biotechnology and information technology (IT) hub along with housing the headquarters of many popular firms and industries; hence attracts the traffic of business travellers too. It takes around two to three hours in order to reach this IT hub from the national capital. Services on this network are provided by SpiceJet, IndiGo and Air India, and flights usually take off from Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport of New Delhi. The earliest one leaves from Hyderabad at 6 am and takes approximately two hours and 10 minutes to reach Delhi, at 8:10. Whereas, the last one leaves the same airport at 8:15 pm, reaching at around 10:15 pm. However, with the onset of new carriers like AirAsia, the schedule has undergone many changes, and new flights are continuously added to meet demands.

When to Make Reservations

People in India do not miss any opportunity to celebrate; hence calendars are dotted with festivals in every other month. However, because of cultural diversity and geographical conditions, different regions have their own peak festive periods. Experts advise on avoiding bookings on these days as it can prove to be a costly affair. In case of Hyderabad, months between December to March can be avoided because of Christmas, New Year and Deccan Festival, when the traffic is quite high. Apart from this, people can follow changes in the air fare by subscribing to travel portals, and grab cheap deals as soon as they are rolled out.

Smoother Journey

Carrying a well organised and slim bag always helps in quick check-in process. It not only gets through the security in comparatively lesser time, but is also easy to carry from one terminal to another. Experts advise on keeping limited and essential things in cabin baggage like re-sealable bags of liquids or properly packed meals to avoid chaos. In addition to this, keeping in mind the terms and conditions regarding baggage allowance of the carrier contributes towards a hassle-free journey.

GoAir Flight Fares for Groups

GoAir is a low-cost carrier (LCC) operating in the Indian aviation market since 2005. It has recently announced its plans to start international flights in 2015. This carrier currently serves over 20 destinations of India by operating around 140 flights every day. Operating under the Wadia Group, the airline aims at providing efficient and safe travel options. GoAir flight fares are among the cheapest options available on domestic routes, and it is expected that soon to be initiated international operations, will also be equally economical. Along with offering seats on cheap prices, it managed to earn good revenue and is among the few carriers that have posted profits in the previous quarters. Despite of profits and readily available investors, the carrier is operating limited flights and its chief executive officer (CEO) said that they want to earn profits by catering to the niche market. Most of its flights are operated from Chhatrapati Shivaji and Indira Gandhi international airports of Mumbai and Delhi, respectively. People looking for affordable options without compromising with comforts can opt for GoAir bookings.


Travellers can avail online services offered by the airline for any of the destinations listed in their booking list. They can modify date of travel or make other amendments in the ticket, but may have to pay charges accordingly. GoAir also offers discounts and schemes on regular intervals to make the travel even more economical. These offers are listed on travel portals, and by subscribing to these, travellers can ensure to get cheapest airfare for various destinations.

Options with the Airline

The extensive route network of this carrier is spanned all across the country, including leisure and prominent business destinations. It operates daily flights between metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore along with Srinagar, Leh, Chandigarh and Jammu. The carrier has recently commenced operations at Biju Patnaik International Airport of Odisha and is planning to add Bhopal, Madurai and Kolhapur in its booking option list.

Fleet Size

These operations are expected to start in 2015 as deliveries of Airbus A320 Neos are scheduled to start in the same year. Currently, it has a fleet size of 20 models, all manufactured by Airbus. The airline aims at increasing it to 33 in the next three years as commencement of international operations will require deployment of a significant number of aircraft. It recently received delivery of one of the 72 aircraft orders with Airbus, which made it eligible for operating in the global markets. Just after a few months, passengers will be able to book cheap flight tickets to Singapore, Malaysia and other medium-haul routes with it. People travelling in group can avail services by paying group fares, which are usually lower than normal ones.

Benefits of Group Bookings

Seven people or more than that travelling together from the same departure and arrival can apply for benefits of group fares. Prices are based on the group size and travel dates, and booking are allowed on the basis of availability. People can book these tickets by simply filling the details of each passenger. The airline offers flexible choice of baggage as well as meals. Passengers are allowed to carry single cabin baggage, which should not exceed the limit of 10 kg, but in case of groups, it can be customised after discussion with the carrier.

Flights to Ahmedabad Operated by SpiceJet Soon to be Modified

SpiceJet – owned by the Sun Group – is the second largest carrier of India. It is planning to expand business and implement some drastic changes in the coming months. As per several reports, the carrier is looking forward to raise funds for revamping its overall services. An increased number of flights to Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chandigarh and many other cities may be included in this evolution process. As per industry watchers, this low-cost carrier (LCC) has finalised an investor after evaluating pros and cons of various offers. The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) – an eminent global aviation consultancy – after analysis estimated that SpiceJet may need INR 1550 crores for continuous capital flow and this deal will infuse up to INR 1500 crores,

News regarding meetings and talks between SpiceJet management and many investors were headlines in the past few months. Officials of the airline also authenticated this information and said that the company needs to be recapitalised. They need to reduce the cost of operation and add new models in the fleet to survive in this competitive market. If this deal is finalised, the restructuring process will soon be initiated; however, there some private equity investors and global airline operators also, who showed their interest. The spokesperson of the carrier said that it is tough to give out specifics as the company is still exploring options.

In addition to this, they talked about the financial performance of the company; it managed to bring down the loss by around 42 per cent in the second quarter. With improved services and capacity addition, the airline gained significant share in the market in the third quarter. As per industry watchers, the discounts deals played an important role in attracting fliers, which helped it in gaining market share and replacing Air India in the ranking list. The airline managed to reap revenues even after reducing fares of Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai Ahmedabad flights and many other domestic destinations. However, due to change in the weather, the fleet will be reduced to around 35 as many models are not suitable for flying in cold and fog, which may hamper profits in the last quarter. However, reduction in the Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) might help them in maintaining the balance.

Lowest Air Fare offered by AirAsia

AirAsia is a Malaysia-based low-cost carrier (LCC), with its headquarters near Kuala Lumpur. As per a recent research, it was found that this carrier offers seats at the lowest air fare to a number of national as well as international destinations. It caters to more than hundred cities of the world and has one of the largest fleet sizes, more than 150 aircraft. Along with providing cheap airline services, it is expanding at a fast pace. It recently placed orders for more than 300 models, to be delivered in the coming years, which will be deployed on new or existing routes. In addition to this, the group also operates subsidiaries in Philippines, Thailand, India and Japan under the same name. The AirAsia Zest is a joint venture between AMY Holdings Inc. and AirAsia, which offers domestic international tourists services, primarily operating on the Cebu and Manila route.

Air Asia Airline

Set up in emerging markets like India and Japan helped the airline in attracting fliers of the niche market. While an international set up allows it to enjoy benefits of large scale operations, this how it extends cheapest domestic flights for passengers. The airline has recently introduced regional passes to reduce the cost of travelling in the Southeast Asian region. This pass will be valid in all ASEAN countries, available from January 2015. Travellers can fly to around 10 destinations in one month for 499 ringgits (approximately). The chief executive officer (CEO) of the carrier said that this is to attract travellers from all across the globe and providing them with a smooth experience and economical deal. After analysing initial marketing and advertising responses, a spokesperson revealed the fact that it is positive so far.

Apart from this, the CEO also said that the company is looking forward toward to expanding global business, and deployment of resources in Malaysia is not on the list in the near future. It has recently announced plans to expand business on Delhi-Mumbai route, which is now followed by the re-opening of Kuala Lumpur and London services. It discontinued services on this route back in 2012 due to high taxes in Europe. However, after observing increasing demands on it, the management has taken this decision. In addition to this, the company may also add Hawaii in its booking option list soon.

Chennai Delhi Flights with Jet Airways

Jet Airways, one of the leading full-fledged carriers of India, is on the track of a turnaround. It is one of the most efficient service providers of the country and serves more than 70 destinations all across the globe with over 3000 weekly flights. This carrier recently entered into an equity partnership with the Etihad Airways and is now getting the benefits of cost synergies. Now, travellers can book comparatively cheaper Chennai Delhi flights with the carrier, which may commence operations on new routes also, as the travel pattern in the country is changing drastically.

Flights from Chennai to Delhi

A few decades back, air travel was limited to a small section of the society and people used this mode of transportation to go from one country to another. However, in the past few years, domestic travel increased significantly that included metro cities, but as per recent statistics, small cities are emerging as most travelled destinations. The increased in traffic has shown a positive impact on balance sheets of all the carriers. Jet Airways is also one of the beneficiaries that showed consistency in the quarter 1 and 2 report regarding revenues. As far as quarter 3 is concerned, its officials are expecting a similar performance because of the crude oil benefits. A reduction in the Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) in the peak season is blessing for these airlines operating on thin profit margins. An official from the carrier said that most people book flight tickets in advance, and so far numbers are looking encouraging for this quarter.

In the second quarter results of this year, the airline broke the trend and posted profits for of INR 70 crores after 2012. It also managed to consolidate its losses by around 96 per cent in the third quarter, which is more than 750 crores in the previous year. In order to convert these figures into profits, the airline is focusing on cost benefits along with improving overall heads. Approval of fund raising by issuing redeemable preference shares is another vital step taken by the carrier in recent days. Now, it can raise around $300 million in order to meet its expansion or restructuring plans. It has recently announced a single brand strategy, and may soon start operating JetLite and Jet Konnect under the name Jet Airways.

Exploring India by Booking Flights on Lowest Air Fare

India is one of the most popular destinations among tourists from across the globe. From scenic Himalayan ranges in the north to sparkling beaches in the south and from green valleys in the east to deserts in the west, there is lot to see and experience in this nation. People who want to explore India and wish to come here with lowest air fare can reserve seats with low-cost carriers operating in the region. A few days back SpiceJet, IndiGo and GoAir announced holiday sales for different destinations. The months between November and March are considered to be the best times to visit this country because of pleasant weather. Travellers can enjoy snowfall in Shimla that usually starts in the last week of November and lasts for a week or ten days.

flights to shimla

They can reach this place by road, trains or booking flights to Shimla. Low-cost carriers (LCCs) like GoAir and SpiceJet often announce discounts for travel to tourist destinations. Colonial buildings amidst lush green vegetation and snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks are main attractions of this hill station. Travellers can head towards Manali or Mandi to behold the beauty of these valleys. The airport is around 23 km from the town and can be easily reached by booking cabs or taking help of public transport. Apart from this, a number of flights from Shimla Airport (SLV) to many international cities are operated for the convenience of travellers. People can also head to Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Cochin, Ahmedabad or Goa as direct flights are operated to these cities from SLV.

The flamboyant colours of Goa in the months of December and January are worth visiting. This state located on the south-western region of the country showcases perfect blend of modern and colonial charm. Parties start from Christmas and end till the first week of the New Year. Tourists can easily reach here by boarding flights to Goa from all the major cities of the country and international airports. Goa International Airport is the nearest air gateway in the region, located at around 30 km from Panaji. Apart from domestic, global tourist destinations are also well connected.

Flights to Goa

Finding Mumbai Jaipur Flights with the Ever-Expanding Jet Airways

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is among the most visited Indian city owing to its magnificent palaces, medieval forts and as it is the centre of the state culture. It is also a rapidly expanding urban area and is becoming a centre of national commerce and finance. Mumbai, on the other hand, is already the epicentre of Indian commerce and entertainment and receives loads of domestic and international travellers. Many domestic airlines provide flights to Jaipur from Mumbai and more may begin the service in the near future. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the hub of air travel in Mumbai, while the airfield for Jaipur is situated in Sanganer, about 13 km from the Rajasthan capital. Among domestic carriers, Jet Airways operate flights between the two Indian cities.

Jet Airways

Jet Airways, founded in 1993, is the second largest airline in India in terms of market-share after IndiGo. It is one of the two full-cost airlines in the country, the other being Air India, the flag carrier. Jet grew in size after it bought Air Sahara in 2006 for more than INR 14 billion. It has a fleet of over 100 aircraft with around 90 more on order, including Boeing 787 Dreamliners. More than 70 destinations with over 20 international places are served by this airline. With the introduction of private suites on its First Class, it became the second carrier in the world and the first in India to do so. Long-Haul flights operated by the carrier have fully flat beds in the Business Class known as Premiere. All suites and seats, even in the Economy Class, have flat screen televisions, USB ports and power supply.

Jet Airways

New Plans

The airline, operating Mumbai Jaipur flights, has recently announced that it will operate international services to and from cities listed under the Tier-II category in India. By the end of November 2014, Abu Dhabi will be linked by air to Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh and to Goa. Next year, by March, 10 more small cities will be linked to Abu Dhabi and subsequently the number of such Tier-II urban areas will rise to 23.

Must visit places in Jaipur:

Jal Mahal JaipurJal Mahal

Hawa Mahal JaipurHawa Mahal

Amer FortAmer Fort

Book Flights from Bengaluru to Goa with AirAsia

India has emerged as one of the most crucial markets in the aviation industry in recent years. The growing need to travel across different cities of the nation as well as the world, and recent changes in government regulations attracted a number of investors. Malaysia-based operator AirAsia Berhad is one among them that started operations in the year 2014, in India. The announcement regarding same was made in the second month of 2013. As per reports, this group operates at the lowest unit cost. Hence, air ticket booking with this airline ensures high value for money, and it is also termed as the pioneer of low-cost travel in the Asian countries. As far as India is considered, this airline currently serves Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Kochi and Chandigarh.

The carrier has placed orders for 10 aircraft to be delivered in 2015. Considering the demand in the Indian market, this low-cost carrier (LCC) is planning to add capacity along with network expansion. It has recently announced plans to initiate operations from Delhi, one of the busiest cities in terms of air traffic. Travellers may soon see Delhi Bangalore flights along with Jaipur, Chennai and other popular destinations in the AirAsia booking list. While currently, they can book flights from Bengaluru to Goa, Jaipur, Chennai and Chandigarh at INR 699 including taxes. This carrier is ahead in the fare war as it offered seats at just INR 1 as an introductory offer. This is the reason that it is able to get record flight occupancy.

Flights from Bangalore to Goa

The chief executive officer (CEO) of the company said that they want to make air travel affordable. These discounted tickets can be booked before 16th of November for travel dates falling between 10th June 2015 and 17th January 2016. Apart from these cheap domestic tickets, travellers planning a holiday trip abroad can check Big Sale announced by the parent company. International flights are available at INR 2599 (all inclusive). The offer is also applicable on flights from Hyderabad, Kochi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Tiruchirappali to Kuala Lumpur. Apart from this, Chennai to Bangkok flights operated by Thai AirAsia can also be booked.

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