Lowest Air Fare offered by AirAsia

AirAsia is a Malaysia-based low-cost carrier (LCC), with its headquarters near Kuala Lumpur. As per a recent research, it was found that this carrier offers seats at the lowest air fare to a number of national as well as international destinations. It caters to more than hundred cities of the world and has one of the largest fleet sizes, more than 150 aircraft. Along with providing cheap airline services, it is expanding at a fast pace. It recently placed orders for more than 300 models, to be delivered in the coming years, which will be deployed on new or existing routes. In addition to this, the group also operates subsidiaries in Philippines, Thailand, India and Japan under the same name. The AirAsia Zest is a joint venture between AMY Holdings Inc. and AirAsia, which offers domestic international tourists services, primarily operating on the Cebu and Manila route.

Air Asia Airline

Set up in emerging markets like India and Japan helped the airline in attracting fliers of the niche market. While an international set up allows it to enjoy benefits of large scale operations, this how it extends cheapest domestic flights for passengers. The airline has recently introduced regional passes to reduce the cost of travelling in the Southeast Asian region. This pass will be valid in all ASEAN countries, available from January 2015. Travellers can fly to around 10 destinations in one month for 499 ringgits (approximately). The chief executive officer (CEO) of the carrier said that this is to attract travellers from all across the globe and providing them with a smooth experience and economical deal. After analysing initial marketing and advertising responses, a spokesperson revealed the fact that it is positive so far.

Apart from this, the CEO also said that the company is looking forward toward to expanding global business, and deployment of resources in Malaysia is not on the list in the near future. It has recently announced plans to expand business on Delhi-Mumbai route, which is now followed by the re-opening of Kuala Lumpur and London services. It discontinued services on this route back in 2012 due to high taxes in Europe. However, after observing increasing demands on it, the management has taken this decision. In addition to this, the company may also add Hawaii in its booking option list soon.


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