Flight Status of Various Service Providers

IndiGo – the leading carrier of the country – has emerged as the most preferred one among fliers also in a recent survey. Unparalleled services, increase in capacity and on-time IndiGo flight status along with a number of other factors contributed to this result. Jet airways, the full-fledged carrier, stood at the second spot for its top-notch onboard services, breaking the myth that the price is primary element while booking the ticket. It seems that travellers look for the overall package, and the one giving maximum value for money are selected. This is the third year in a row that IndiGo has left behind its competitors in this regard.


Apart from this, the mobile application of this company has been downloaded maximum number of times. Travellers trust on the flight status operated by this carrier that is on time most of the times and they found it the safest also. Surprisingly, AirAsia emerged as the next most promising service provider as around 73 per cent of total respondents wanted to fly with it. SpiceJet, Air India and GoAir flight status received average rating and most of the responses were positive. As far as international airlines are considered, Emirates was the choice of people for its best-in class services. This survey also focused on the preferences of fliers regarding check-in or booking.


Most of them preferred online ticket booking because of the high degree of convenience. While making online reservations, people can compare deals offered by other carriers. The research time is unlimited in this case, which in turn helps in making a rational decision. In addition, majority of respondents said that seat preference is important for them. De-bundling of services increases the flexibility, but many opted for bundles services as it provides higher value for money. Air travel is a modern mode of transportation and high degree of involvement of technology is quite obvious while air travel. It is increasing day by day, and around 85 per cent of the fliers always or sometimes go for web check-in to accelerate the process of boarding. In addition to this, around 40 per cent of travellers have an airline application in their mobile phones or tablets.


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