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GoAir Flight Fares for Groups

GoAir is a low-cost carrier (LCC) operating in the Indian aviation market since 2005. It has recently announced its plans to start international flights in 2015. This carrier currently serves over 20 destinations of India by operating around 140 flights every day. Operating under the Wadia Group, the airline aims at providing efficient and safe travel options. GoAir flight fares are among the cheapest options available on domestic routes, and it is expected that soon to be initiated international operations, will also be equally economical. Along with offering seats on cheap prices, it managed to earn good revenue and is among the few carriers that have posted profits in the previous quarters. Despite of profits and readily available investors, the carrier is operating limited flights and its chief executive officer (CEO) said that they want to earn profits by catering to the niche market. Most of its flights are operated from Chhatrapati Shivaji and Indira Gandhi international airports of Mumbai and Delhi, respectively. People looking for affordable options without compromising with comforts can opt for GoAir bookings.


Travellers can avail online services offered by the airline for any of the destinations listed in their booking list. They can modify date of travel or make other amendments in the ticket, but may have to pay charges accordingly. GoAir also offers discounts and schemes on regular intervals to make the travel even more economical. These offers are listed on travel portals, and by subscribing to these, travellers can ensure to get cheapest airfare for various destinations.

Options with the Airline

The extensive route network of this carrier is spanned all across the country, including leisure and prominent business destinations. It operates daily flights between metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore along with Srinagar, Leh, Chandigarh and Jammu. The carrier has recently commenced operations at Biju Patnaik International Airport of Odisha and is planning to add Bhopal, Madurai and Kolhapur in its booking option list.

Fleet Size

These operations are expected to start in 2015 as deliveries of Airbus A320 Neos are scheduled to start in the same year. Currently, it has a fleet size of 20 models, all manufactured by Airbus. The airline aims at increasing it to 33 in the next three years as commencement of international operations will require deployment of a significant number of aircraft. It recently received delivery of one of the 72 aircraft orders with Airbus, which made it eligible for operating in the global markets. Just after a few months, passengers will be able to book cheap flight tickets to Singapore, Malaysia and other medium-haul routes with it. People travelling in group can avail services by paying group fares, which are usually lower than normal ones.

Benefits of Group Bookings

Seven people or more than that travelling together from the same departure and arrival can apply for benefits of group fares. Prices are based on the group size and travel dates, and booking are allowed on the basis of availability. People can book these tickets by simply filling the details of each passenger. The airline offers flexible choice of baggage as well as meals. Passengers are allowed to carry single cabin baggage, which should not exceed the limit of 10 kg, but in case of groups, it can be customised after discussion with the carrier.


The Number of GoAir Flight to Increase This Winter

GoAir is a leading carrier of India, operating under the aviation foray of the Wadia Group. It is one of the largest service providers in the country, and has recorded significant growth since its inception. The flawless services offered by this airline have been recognised by various industry watchers. As per recent reports, they are going to be expanded in the coming winter. When all other airlines are cutting off their operations, the largest carrier – IndiGo – and GoAir are adding number of flights to different destinations. Apart from capacity addition, it has announced the commencement of operations in Odisha. Travellers can make online flight booking to Biju Patnaik Airport as the option has already been added in the list. This Wadia Group-owned airline not only provides unmatchable services, but also gives best value for the money of passengers.

The low-cost carrier (LCC) operates most of its flights from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. With a fleet size of around 20 aircraft, it serves more than 20 destinations of the country. It has placed an order for over 70 A320 Neo from Airbus, whose worth has been evaluated at around INR 324 billion. Deliveries of these models will start in 2015, and the LCC is planning to commence international operations in the same year. It is expected that GoAir flight booking will see an upsurge after commencement of new operations. These plans are to be executed after six months, but the recent addition of flights will also impact the financial books of the company.

Go Air FlightAs per reports, this Mumbai-based airline will increase weekly departures by over 12 per cent, and the number of flights has been estimated to be 957. On the other hand, IndiGo is making an addition of around 25 per cent as it will receive models from Tiger Air. The Malaysia-based carrier, AirAsia, will also be adding winter flights, followed by Air Costa and yet to be launched Vistara. Because of stiff competition in the market and introduction of new service providers, prices are expected to be in check. The new schedule has already been approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), after a thorough analysis.