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Booking Cheap Air Tickets during the Holiday Season

Air travel is emerging as the most popular mode of transportation after significant reduction in the price of flight tickets, on offer by the different airlines. A number of factors played a vital role in bringing it down, and technological revolution is the most important one. Earlier the cost of acquiring an aircraft was sky high, and other elements such as the navigation machine set up was costly. After continuous research and experiments, engineers succeeded in manufacturing efficient models and are coming up with better ones with the passing time as this process is never ending. Apart from this, the government rules and regulations also changed that reduced the burden of taxes. Earlier, each state charged a certain amount by carriers every time they crossed the border; this tax has been removed now. Apart from this, the deregulation act also removed extra burden on the airlines along with giving them a highly supportive and flexible environment to operate. Now, they provide flawless services on cheap air tickets and give maximum value for the money by announcing discounts and offers during festive or holiday seasons. The cost can be reduced even further by following these suggestions given by expert travellers.

Consider All Airlines

It is a well-known fact that low-cost carriers (LCCs) offer cheapest tickets, but at times the maximum value is given by full-fledged carriers on several routes. People who have to travel from one city to another like Bangalore Mumbai flights and are looking for basic amenities only, can limit their search to LCCs. However, in long-haul or intercontinental flights, people have to take meals, neck pillows or Wi-Fi in case of urgent business requirements. The price of these services may add up to the price of the flight ticket. Hence, it is advised that instead of short-listing the carriers on the basis of price, people go through each and every one of them, operating on the required route. After a thorough analysis, they can find out the average of the price charged by them, and select any carrier that offers ticket below it.

Alternative Airports

These days most of the cities have more than one airport, and it is advised that travellers check prices from each one of them. It has been observed that the cost varies with airport because of the taxes and charges paid to them differ. Popular ones often charge a higher amount, but can be reached quite conveniently. Hence, transportation charges and availability of these services at the time flight also need to be considered while making the comparison. Many of the airports provide rented car services, which are cheaper than normal ones, and it can be taken if travellers need to explore the destination for the first time.

Travelling on the Actual Holiday

During holiday season, people try to reach their home town a day or two before the holiday. The cost of making seat reservation on those days is quite high; hence, experts advise on travelling on the actual holiday. It is similar to last-minute deal, but the chances of success are comparatively higher. While sitting in the flight on the day of Deepawali may not sound the ideal situation, but reaching home on time can prove to be bliss.