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Booking Economical IndiGo Flight

The Gurgaon-based budget airline – IndiGo – is one of the most efficient service providers in the industry. It is leading the Indian aviation market with over 32 per cent share. More than 500 flights are operated by the carrier every day from the primary hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. Its fleet size of 80 aircraft includes the latest offerings from Airbus. It provides numerous flights to Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and a number of Tier II cities on a regular basis. The carrier also operates international flights, and people who are looking forward to spend their holidays in Singapore or Dubai can opt for its services.

This carrier in many ways has redefined a budget airline by following new strategies and practices. It has been listed as one of the fastest growing airlines of the world. Application of new managerial schemes has led this carrier to the top rank of the chart. Rahul Bhatia, one of the executive chairmen, helped the company in shaping its future as the best airline. Along with giving discounts and offers, the carrier has managed to make profits and has been posting positive results since 2009. In the year 2013, the net profit was reported $130 million, where as the revenue was over $1.6 billion.

It also managed to overcome the criticalities of rising fuel cost and decreasing value of rupee in the international market with the help of efficient strategies formulated at the top level. The IndiGo flight booking pattern was similar and it is believed that net earnings of IndiGo till March 2014 was not shaken by these changes, and was valued at $100 million.


This airline has managed to change the perception of people that low cost does not necessarily mean low quality. It simply means arranging thing in order and offering people what they are looking for. The de-bundling of services allows travellers to pick up services they want during their journey and pay only for them. However, the Economy-plus class service offered by the company adds to the option list of the bookings and comes at more or less at the same cost of Economy class. Along with best-in class services, it has also managed to maintain the on-time performance.